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HiPP Canada Reviews

A small sample of testimonials from parents throughout the many, many years!

Amazing Milk

“Hipp milks are amazing. Having struggled with other brands of formula milk (upset tummys & runny poo) it was such a relief to finally find one that agreed with Alfie. I genuinely hadn’t realised what a difference organic would make to a baby’s delicate digestive system, but the results spoke for themselves. I only wish my Health Visitor or Midwives had recommended Hipp (I was combination feeding from birth), as this would have saved a lot of hassle with other formula milks.

Diarrhea Cleared within 24 Hours

I have recently changed my baby onto this milk, from SMA gold which gave her dreadful wind that had her straining all night, and dark green diarrhea. I had tried gripe water, dentinox, infacol and colief to no avail. She was so unsettled at night, even in her sleep that I was considering lactose intolerance or milk allergy. I decided to try Hipp as lots of babies on Aptamil had diarrhea or very loose poos and lots of babies on SMA seemed to be constipated from reading the forums and blogs, and seen as my baby already had diarrhea on SMA I didn’t want to make it any worse by switching to Aptamil. I started with the ready made and she seemed much more settled even within 30 mins of the feed whereas usual she would be grunting and squirming for at least an hour afterwards. I must say the milk tasted a lot better than the SMA gold and Aptamil. She still, however, had diarrhea, so I thought I’d try the powdered version with the probiotics that are found in breast milk. Within 24 hours her diarrhea had stopped for the first time in her 7 week life and her poos where just as they should be. I am extremely pleased with this product and don’t usually write reviews.

Best formula available on the market!
My son has reflux and this formula is perfect! It seems to digest quickly and stay down.
Baby seems much happier on Hipp formula. Shipments are arriving quickly from the Uk. I love that the formula is organic and the First ingredient is not sugar and its not filled with gross GMO like other formulas.  Great formula, compared to the American and Canadian brands it’s just awesome! It tastes really good, doesn’t have fishy smell like other formulas.  Delivery was very fast too 🙂
HiPP Organic
Great quality product and way better than any American brand. I have been using Similac Organic before and the difference is HUGE!!!!
Very impressed
well, first off I am very impressed it is only 10 dollars more for me to purchase with free shipping that the similcrap (haha) at the store. shipping took about 2 and a half weeks. Not bad if I say so myself. Second my baby LOVES it, and i tasted it, and to be honest I think it tastes great to. He poops more frequently now, and seems to have an easier time passing gas.
I feel very blessed to have found this formula and it makes me have ease on my heart for not being able to provide my son with enough breast milk for him to be exclusive.
Nice Gentle Milk
It is really good milk my baby like it a lot. No constipation at all only a lot of gas but other than that it is a pretty good milk.
If you want to feed your baby good, you have to buy Hipp.
As a German we were shocked when we found out about the poor ingredients in non-EU formulas.  Hipp is easy to digest and satisfies for a long time. What really should make you think about your choice is the color of your baby’s poop; with Hipp it’s yellow just like feeding with breastmilk. Any other formula green and seedy. That can’t be good. If it would be you, wouldn’t you be concerned and see a doctor?
Great organic formula! Give baby the best!
Perfect formula. Wouldn’t expect less from this company. Baby is non fussy on it and gas regular bowel movements as well as satisfaction after each feeding.
Good Stuff!!
My baby has been drinking hipp formula 1 for a couple of weeks and she likes the milk and her poo looks very similar to when I was BF….I never did try any of the formulas here in the states so can’t really compare. I like the fact that Hipp is organic – baby is satisfied so I am as well.
Fantastic Organic Formula
This formula is fantastic. I am very happy how close to my breast milk it is. It’s clean and soft, doesn’t foam up at all like regular formulas – that was the telling tale there. We were using Similac Sensitive because my baby boy is very picky and has a sensitive tummy. (He refused Enfamil, Earths Best and Kroger brand) I hated the way the formula frothed up when you shook the bottle L( I didn’t like the thought of those air bubbles being consumed by baby. The HiPP doesn’t do that, he loves the flavor and loves his bottles! The price is great – just a tad more than Similac which is 100% worth it.
HiPP Organic is worth every penny.
After my baby was born I was very upset about my lack of breastmilk despite my best efforts to increase lactation. We first supplemented my breast milk w similac, terrible choice, my baby had problems bloating, burping, vomiting, really stinky poop, crying, and just seemed uncomfortable in general after feedings. Switched to HIPP organic and it was a night and day difference. Baby perked up, made more eye contact, no digestive issues, less crying, no vomiting, gained weight, and just was thriving. My baby digests this formula with ease and seems very happy with it! Baby’s happy= momma’s happy!

Excellent formula 

I love this formula it’s as close to breast milk as I can find and really is superior. No problems whatsoever for my 2 month old transitioning from breast milk to this formula as I go back to work. This has been a much easier transition than with our first daughter who settled on enfamil gentle ease but clearly had stomach aches and gas pains as she transitioned to formula. The formula itself has no noticeable odor and is not sticky; a big change from enfamil. It’s also about the same price if not sometimes slightly cheaper than enfamil gentle ease making it a no brainer for us. I’d just recommend ordering multiple boxes at once so you keep extra on hand in case shipping take longer than expected. Product itself=excellent.
Amazing product! My baby loves it
Amazing product! My baby loves it! I feel better giving him milk that is not packed with gmos and other crap.
One of the best formulas
If you have to use formula, like I did with my twins, this is one of the best formulas available. It really is almost like breast milk. It was very easy for my babies to take and it didn’t turn their poops all gross like the american formulas we tried (Earth’s Best, Babies Only). It also doesn’t stink like similac etc. It is worth the price. The two packets inside last a long time since you use a smaller scoop that normal. Holle is a another good organic choice if this one doesn’t work for your baby but contains maltodextrin.

Best alternative to breast milk!

I have been Breastfeeding exclusively for the past 6 months. Due to personal medical reasons my supply has been low. I’ve tried several different formula brands and my daughter would spit, squirm and even sometimes throw up when trying up give it to her. My friend referred me to HIPP and it truly is a God send. I like that it has very few ingredients, it does not smell and it tastes very pleasant. I gave it to my daughter expecting her to spit it out and to my surprise she chugged it right down! Another pro is that it’s gentle on her tummy and her poop has not changed.  I highly recommend it.

The best formula money can buy!

I’m so happy to be able to get my daughter a better quality formula than what is available otherwise. I feel better about the ingredients and HIPP has clearly done their best to emulate breast milk. My milk supply is low and I have had to supplement. I used Earth’s Best to start but felt uneasy about syrup solids being the number one ingredient. This formula is easy to mix and my baby immediately had less spit ups and her poop was more like breast milk poop than with EB.
Decent taste and smell
I got tired of the traditional brands and all their mysterious ingredients so I wanted to try something different. I ordered HIPP because I am from Europe and I know some of my friends use it and trust it. My baby has been refusing the regular brand formulas. Even though she is breastfed I am supplementing her with formula and want to make sure she gets the best. Also her poop does not smell as bad as from the other brands. I would recommend this formula.
Helped our baby
Unfortunately we had to supplement and thus began the process of searching for the best formula for our baby. We tried several (Enfamil, Earth’s Best) and this was hands down the best. Our baby was getting consistently constipated and very gassy when we used the other brands. Just a couple of days after starting Hipp she started going regularly and she was less gassy. The formula was a life saver for us.
Love Hipp!
Thank goodness we found this formula! My son outdid my pumping supply, so we needed formula to supplement because he’s a hungry little guy. We tried earth’s best- horrible, babys only- decent in ingredients and regulations but questionable as to why it makes my baby and so many other babies very constipated, and then after a million hours of research we decided to try Hipp. We are SO glad we did!! I feel so much better giving my son this great formula (instead of the crap we have here). Thanks Hipp!
Much better than formulas that claim to be Organic
This formula is very easy to dissolve. My LO reacts to it so much better than Earth’s Best. If you are frustrated by baby’s excessive gas, try Hipp Organic. It doesn’t eliminate gas but it creates much less.
Great Formula that Tastes Great!
I have bought several packages of this formula to supplement in the evenings – it tastes great (yes, I taste the bottle before giving it to my boy) and the first ingredient listed on the box is MILK, unlike most brands. Also, I read some concerns about fluoride listed on the box of this formula and after investigating, this is actually fluoride that is in the water that the manufacturer uses in the processing of the formula. In Europe, by law, they have to list ALL of the ingredients, regardless of how minimal it is contained in a given food – in the other countries, if there is less than 1%, manufacturers don’t have to list it. Also, this is listed in the minerals section versus the ingredient list, since this is not an ingredient.I have recommended this formula to many of my mother friends – the only pain point is the cost.

Actually taste like my breast milk

I am nursing my little one still but my supply has drastically gone down. So, I have been looking for a good formula to supplement. We started using Earths Best, however, my baby spits up more and the formula tastes horrible. I really hated giving it to him. So, I found Hipp Organic and decided to give it a try. This formula is absolutely amazing! It actually taste like milk and has a sort of sweetness to it just like breast milk. I really love that it has the prebiotics and probiotics. Also, he has very little spit up (just the normal) and he loves the taste way better than the Earths Best. I highly recommend Hipp Organics over any other brand formula.
Great formula for supplementing with breastmilk for the nervous mom
I recently bought this formula after hours of research. Finally got it in (very pleased with shipping).
I introduced 1 oz with breast milk during the day and then another one with breast milk at night to test it out. We are now on day 3 of supplementing (I nurse about 95% of the time), and so far NO reactions, or gas or anything (at least as of now). I was so nervous, as she was exclusively breast fed. She will be 4 mo next week! Thank you UK for making a decent formula for our little ones! If your little one is not lactose intolerant or doesnt have a milk allergy, this is the formula for ya!
really good product
my baby loves this formula, it is so soft and mix pretty well with water. the only thing you have to be careful don’t keep it in the diaper bag for more than couple days, they go bad and change color. i keep them in the bag and after one week i couldn’t use it any more. it is better to keep them in cool place.