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HiPP First Infant Organic Baby Formula

About HiPP Baby Formulas: The Best from Birth

hipp organic formula canadaHiPP Organic infant Formula contains vital prebiotics and essential omegas, but doesn’t comprise with questionable additives, as parents see in the non-organic brand names. Nor is there any brown rice syrup or maltodextrin like other organic formulas, the sweetener is simply natural lactose.

HiPP uses the very finest organic elements in their milk; this means no chemical pesticides and no genetically engineered ingredients. The organization has been studying the benefits of breastmilk for over 50 years, so you can rely upon their milk to include the ingredients your child needs to grow healthy during the first year of life (like iron, nutrients A, C and D and PRÆBIOTIK® oligosaccharides (GOS). First Infant milk also contain additional Omega 3 & 6 LCPs (DHA and AA), as recommended by the World Health Organization.

Hipp First Infant Milk is a naturally gentle due, and is used over the world to supplement or replace breastfeeding when necessary. The formula is suitable from birth, nutritionally complete and satisfies the hungriest of infants. It delivers the requisite amount of nutrients, minerals and alpha omegas for healthy mind and immune system development.

HiPP milks do not incorporate synthetic nucleotides, as with many other formulas. The reason for the exclusion is due to the fact that babies can make these building blocks for themselves from amino acids; organic regulations dictate therefore that nucleotides should not be included in infant milks. Be confident that your toddler’s dietary needs are being met in using HiPP formula. If your baby’s tummy is content and stools are soft and regular, there is no cause to change formulas.Buy Hipp formula canada

Cost Assessment and Package

HiPP formula comes in an 800 gram box, making it larger than most formula bins. One box of HiPP Infant Milk 1 makes about about 192 oz of milk. HiPP milk is exported all over the world for different markets with different needs, and so exterior packaging and even the formula itself can vary by distributor country. There is sometimes confusion about ingredients because of this. Be sure to ask for an English box or English directions if you order from abroad. The most sought-after formula of HiPP is the British line, as it contains no starch solids, being closely regulated by the UK Food Standards Agency and closest to breastmilk. The German Bio Combiotik is next in popularity. It’s consistency is coarser due to the inclusion of starch, but will contain the Prebiotik L. Fermentum for healthy digestion.

There are 2 four-hundred gram sachets in every box of HiPP formula. If you think it’s more pricey than the average brand, you’ll be happy to know it is not so much more. 1 box of HiPP equals 1 and 1/three bins of Gerber formulation, for example, a non-organic brand name. Take into account that Gerber prices at over $34CAD, a box of HiPP at £26 GBP, HiPP costs only 1 cent more per gram of powder–for an EU certified organic milk.  A very small price difference for the health of your infant’s critical first year.

1 box of HiPP organic infant Milk is equal to nearly 1.7 bins of Gerber formula. I

It is simple to see the cost savings using HiPP Organic.

Exceptional Quality You can See and Taste

hipp baby pouchesAdvertisers can make many claims, but only way to really know the quality of a formula is in the results. The most critical difference between HiPP and other formulas is that HiPP results in yellow stools closer to those of breastfed infants. HiPP formula tastes good, smells good, and you could drink it yourself–unlike most formulas on the market.

This should be telling, as our sense of taste and smell don’t lie–our natural defense to warding off chemicals bad for the body. It is a good idea to try the formula you are purchasing for your baby. How does it taste? Does it give off an odor? Would you want to consume it yourself?

Another interesting and important difference between HiPP and most other formula brands is that HiPP formula does not stain clothing. Have you every questioned what could be causing the yellow stain you see on your baby’s garments from formula? HiPP Organic formula does not contain dyes or additives that stain clothes. This is not only a wonderful convenience for bottle-feeding parents, but more importantly a very clear indicator of the quality of milk you are buying for your baby’s first year of life.

First Infant Milk is adequate for your baby’s feed until 1 year of age.

hipp organic canada follow on milkHiPP has carefully created a line of milks to correspond to your infant’s complete needs at each stage of life. Most babies will not need to change from First Infant milk to any other milk in the first year, as First Infant will satisfy their nutritional needs. if you would like to supplement with extra iron after 6 months of age, as your baby begins the weaning diet, HiPP also manufacturers a Follow On Milk suitable from 6 to 12 months. For infants who are not quite satisfied with the First Infant Milk at birth, HiPP’s Hungry Infant milk can be used for the first year, containing a greater caesin/whey ratio, helping your baby feel fuller. Because the First Infant milk is closest to the composition of mature breast milk than Hungry or Follow On, attempt to increase the number of feeds or to a faster nipple flow before switching to Hungry Infant. If your baby still remains unsatisfied, you can try Hungry Infant or supplement a few feeding of Hungry during the night. Follow On formula will also keep babies fuller from 6 months onward.  HiPP also manufactures Comfort milk (partially hydrolyzed) and an Anti-Reflux formulation.

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Stricter than EU Organic Standards: The HiPP Guarantee Represents First-Class in Quality

Infants have delicate systems, so foods that are entirely organic and natural are the most the suitable choice for them. The legal requirements of organic farming do not tend to offer the guarantee that the original source materials are truly free from pesticides or chemicals.  HiPP products are tested at a higher standard. Not only are HiPP products in conformance with legal EU certified organic requirements, the source suppliers and their crop fields over several seasons are analyzed for any potentially harmful chemicals or pollutants. HiPP’s own highly awarded biochemical lab tests their food ingredients for over one thousand different substances. Only the very best products are approved after this intense inspection and earn the HiPP brand name on the label. You will see HiPP’s Organic Seal of Quality on packaging, which refers to this rigorous testing.

hipp growing up 3 canadaAcross the world, HiPP is an international leader in EU certified organic baby foods, milks and drinks. The company officially exports products to over 50 nations. They are the world’s largest processor of raw organically produced materials, and place a special emphasis on their business commitment to promoting and preserving sustainable agricultural strategies. This is no company lip service. For more than 50 years, HiPP has been well-known for their strong advocacy of organic farming, biodiversity, non-GMO agriculture, and natural land preservation. The company works intently with several environmental and ecological groups, helping in a very material way to create a tomorrow that is free from genetic food engineering. They play a leadership role in the “Biodiversity in Good Company Initiatve” among other political efforts.

HiPP was the original EU food manufacturer to use an EMAS-based environmental control network in their production, and are always seeking to advance these standards. Since 1995 when the process was implemented the company has successfully reduced water consumption by 2/3s and energy consumption by 1/2. This is not small accomplishment for a large manufacturer and has a material effect on the environment. 97% of their waste is recycled and the plants in Germany, Hungary and Austria all operate carbon-neutral in spite of their production doubling in the past decade. The success of HiPP has expanded into more than 200 different products, including baby lotions, soaps, oils, and bath products.

HiPP’s Stringent Organic Controls

hipp baby pouchesInfants require wholesome nutrients, without chemicals and that taste good as nature intended. HiPP organic milk and foods are carefully checked and verified for quality by both the HiPP lab and independent establishments. HiPP supervises the production of all their product lines with multi-part tests for chemical and physical parameters, standards which are more strict than required by regulation. They choose milk exclusively from farms that keep with the strict EU organic farming code. HiPP milk cows are allowed to graze and live naturally on the land in open valleys free from chemical insecticides and artificial fertilizers. The old-fashioned and superior feeding of the animals with grass and grains ensures the highest organic quality of milk production, a milk that is rich in nutrients because it needs not be overly processed.